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The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of SEO Keywords

jenis - jenis keyword SEO

Use of keywords in search engine queries is a common practice. The keywords that your audience might use to find your content should be taken into account when you are writing it. So it is essential to have a basic understanding of the various SEO keyword types.

When creating a content strategy for a website, this is one of the key factors to take into account. In any case, let’s look at the simple explanation below without further ado!

What is an SEO Keyword?

A keyword in SEO is essentially a subject, notion, or concept that sums up the information on your page. It is a phrase that people pronounce when conducting a voice search or a term they enter into a search engine.

The cornerstone of SEO is the keyword. The concept of SEO would not exist without keywords. All of your SEO optimization efforts will be useless if you don’t use the proper keywords. As a result, completing keyword research and comprehending the many kinds of phrases are crucial.

Now, even though keywords are only a small component of an all-encompassing SEO strategy, they are still crucial to SEO because they are closely related to content quality and should be carefully taken into account when creating content.

This is due to the important role search engines play in driving traffic. According to statistics, search engines account for 39% of all online retail traffic.

jenis - jenis keyword SEO

Types of Keywords in General

The three basic categories of keywords used in general SEO are as follows:

Short-Tail Keywords

Since there are only one or two words, it is known as a short-tail. Due to the fact that it frequently includes wide search keywords with high search traffic volume, it is sometimes referred to as a head keyword or generic keyword. High competitiveness in search rankings is this sort of keyword’s most frequent characteristic.

Mid-Tail Keywords

These SEO keywords typically have two to three words and give the user more information about what they are looking for. Mid-tail keyword types frequently change from having high traffic volumes and fierce rivalry to having low traffic volumes and lax competition.

Long-Tail Keywords

This is the longest keyword type since it contains four words or more. This form of SEO term is the longest, most particular and descriptive, and typically has lower traffic volume and competitiveness than the other two categories. With this kind of term, you can rank and convert with ease.

A-Creative typically further separates it into these three categories in addition to these more focused divisions, such as;

  • Branded keywords, specifically phrased keywords with a brand attached to them
  • Non-branded keywords, or those without any brand-related words
  • Inferred keywords that include a location phrase
  • Seasonal keywords, which are popular periodically
  • Keywords with purchase intent, or search terms to look for something to buy
  • Keywords with informational intent, often known as keywords to solve questions

You can develop a more effective content strategy if you have a comprehensive understanding of the different SEO keyword types. This is what will make you stand out from your rivals. Get more fascinating facts about the digital world by visiting @acreative.id on Instagram.

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