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How to Write SEO Articles with the Proper Format

Menulis Artikel SEO

Writing SEO articles in accordance with the Indonesian writing standards isn’t enough. You must complement it with SEO techniques to ensure that the articles are easily found by search engines and read by a large number of people. Let’s look at how to write an SEO article in the proper format!


The keywords are the most crucial and fundamental part in developing effective SEO articles. They determine how people will find your SEO articles on the internet. When searching for information on the internet, you will input keywords into a search engine. The search engine will then assist you in selecting articles that are relevant to your needs based on these keywords. To select the best terms or phrases, you can conduct keyword research using online tools, such as Google Trends.


Both regular and SEO articles benefit from headlines or titles. However, when it comes to SEO articles, a headline is more important than a title. To be considered as a good article by search engines, headlines must contain keywords. So, when writing SEO articles, you should never forget to insert keywords into the headlines.

H1 stands for headlines, and H2 and H3 stand for subheadlines or subtitles, both of which are also vital for improving the quality of your SEO articles. Internet users want contents that are easy to read and comprehend. The subheadline’s function is to help readers understand by breaking down the most significant parts in the articles.


Google search engine is quite good at determining whether or not an article is relevant to any searches. As a result, you should include pertinent and acceptable information in the content of SEO articles, together with keywords and headlines. It is necessary to carefully distribute keywords throughout an article’s content so that Google can perceive it as a quality article.

The headline, first paragraph, body paragraph, and last paragraph must all contain keywords. The article’s content must help your target audience or provide a solution to their difficulties. SEO articles often range in length from 500 to 2,000 words, depending on the information you want to impart. To ensure that your SEO articles are of higher quality, you should also remember to follow the correct Indonesian writing principles.

A link is a component that cannot be separated from SEO articles. Internal and external links are the two types of links in the SEO techniques. Internal links refer to links that lead to other pages on your website. External links, on the other hand, are links to other websites that preferably boast high authority scores. These links should always be related to your article’s topic.

Meta Description

Meta description is the last part to be included when you write SEO articles. It is usually limited to 160 characters that serves as a summary that gives your potential audience an overview of your article. A meta description should be brief, succinct, and appealing in order for people to click on your page and read it.

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A website’s SEO articles are unmistakably distinct from regular ones. The latter of which do not require SEO techniques because consumers do not need to utilize search engines in order to read them. Whereas the purpose of writing SEO articles for your website is to enhance its traffic organically via search engines. If you need skilled SEO content writers to help you increase your website’s traffic, don’t hesitate to contact A-Creative!

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