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Must-Try Instagram Carousel Content Ideas

Konten Carousel Instagram

Instagram Carousel content has a far higher reach and interaction than standard photo posts. According to Hootsuite data, this type of post receives 1.4 to 3.1 times the reach and engagement of a single photo post on Instagram.

This may be influenced by the size of any human being’s curiosity or drive to know. As a result, the desire to swipe the slide becomes impossible to resist, especially when viewing appealing Instagram Carousel covers.

What exactly is Instagram Carousel?

A post on Instagram Carousel comprises up to ten images or videos. All images and videos can be viewed by swiping left on mobile Instagram, while desktop users can click the arrow button on the right side of the post.

You may put captions, image alt text, geotags, and tag for accounts and goods in each image in the carousel, just like you can with other Instagram content. This form of content can also be liked, commented on, and shared by users.

Konten Carousel Instagram

Ideas for Instagram Carousel Content

Here are some carousel content ideas for promoting your products or services. All of these concepts are consistent with how A-Creative typically handles social media accounts for customers.

1. Storytelling 

Instagram Carousel content is ideal for presenting a story about your product or brand. For example, if you sell food, you can discuss the history or distinctive characteristics of the food.

2. Product Display

You may also use a carousel to present multiple products in each image or one product from several viewpoints. This allows your buyers to more realistically imagine your products.

3. Tutorial 

A carousel makes it easier to visualize product usage tutorials. For example, if you sell fertilizer for agricultural purposes, you can describe how to apply the product optimally from start to finish.

4. Before and After

Although it may sound cliché, before-and-after content is essential for those of you who work in the beauty and fitness product industries. This type of material may be used by practically any company in any industry, including agriculture, fashion, and others.

5. Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Carousel content can also be used to display reviews and testimonials. Reviews are one of the most significant factors for potential customers to consider before making their first purchase; therefore displaying the best reviews you have in one article.

6. Photo Dumping

This is a trend that is now sweeping the globe. A photo dump is a collection of random photographs taken without editing and with a specific theme. For example, a collection of photographs shot in a specific month, or photographs taken when you and your team created a product.

7. Useful Content for Followers

Providing useful information, such as educational stuff, tips, and tactics, is an excellent method to engage your audience. This content should be relevant to the products or services you provide.

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Some of the Instagram Carousel content ideas presented above can be used to create your own version of content. To see more useful tips & tricks, follow @acreative.id on Instagram.

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