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A New Way to Improve SEO in 2021: Guestographics

meningkatkan SEO dengan guestografis

Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a must-do in the world of digital marketing. Your business will become increasingly popular in organic search as your SEO improves.

There are numerous methods for improving SEO. Starting with keyword-rich articles to promoting websites through social media ads. However, there is one effective method that few brands have used, namely “guestographics”.

This strategy is widely regarded as one of the most successful ways to increase website traffic through SEO. What exactly is guestographics, and how do you put it to use? Venngage, a US-based agency, has shared its recommendations, which we shall summarize for you below.

What is Guestographics?

The term “guestographics” refers to guest infographics. This implies that you collaborate with other content creators to create infographic content. The collaboration goes something like this; you design the infographic, while your collaborator produces the information. The collaborative content will be displayed in a single stunning infographic. This type of content is thought to be a powerful strategy to increase a website’s SEO.

Guestographic method is useful for building relationships and expanding brand influence in addition to just improving SEO. This is especially true when you choose a well-known brand to collaborate with.

The Correct Way to Utilize Guestographics

Creating guestographics is not as simple as it may appear. You need design and content that is relatable. But, you need not worry. There are particular guidelines for utilizing the guestographic method successfully. The following is a list of some of them;

1. Find Suitable Contents for Guestographics

We all know that infographics can indeed attract attention because of their attractive design and visuals. Make no mistake, though: not every content can be turned into an infographic.

Of course, long articles with a lot of lists and subheadings are not suitable to turn into infographics. So, you’ll need to create more than one if you have to. 

Moreover, designing an infographic is not an easy task. It is better to look for content with a single main idea and a limited number of points.

It’s also crucial to choose the collaborating brand. You can start by approaching well-known brands with similar insights to your business content or with your existing partners.

2. Define Target Audience

It’s critical that you develop content that’s relevant to your target audience. This way, you can hopefully avoid wasting your time and efforts when creating an infographic.

Before opting to create the content, you should conduct research on your target audience. You may analyze all previous content performance as well as visitor demographics using a variety of tools.

Knowing your target audience’s inclination for being interested in the contents you provide allows you to develop new contents that appeals to their emotions while also being relevant to their interests.

3. Choose Keywords to Improve SEO

Of course, as a digital marketer, you might already be familiar with this one. Yes, keywords play a significant role in SEO, even for the smallest contents. Thus, they must also be not forgotten when creating guestography. You must consider carefully what keywords that you wish to focus on in your guestography.

You must not exploit black hat SEO techniques by including irrelevant keywords in your text or utilizing an excessive number of them. This type of strategy will actually harm you. Your website’s ranking may even be lowered by Google if it is deemed untrustworthy. You can utilize a variety of online tools to assist you find the proper keywords, such as Google Keyword Planner or Loganix.

4. Submit a Collaboration Proposal

After you’ve completed the checklist above, it’s time to express your intent to collaborate with the desired brand. You can reach out to them via email and tell them concerning your guestographics collaboration. You should keep your message brief, with a clear goal in mind.

You must write an email that can persuade them that your brand is worth collaborating with, especially when submitting a partnership proposal to a huge brand. To attract attention, you should put your brand’s logo on the header. You also should include a brief overview of your brand’s accomplishments.

5. Create Memorable Infographics

When you finally gain approval to collaborate, you can put the plan into action right away with infographics. The success of the content is determined by its visuals. Therefore, you need to create the most appealing design possible. However, keep in mind the primary idea of infographics, which is to provide brief information only. This implies that you should avoid using too many sentences.

In addition to design, copywriting plays a significant role in this process. To get the attention of your audience, you need to use a strong headline and text. You also need to remember that the guestographic is tailored to both brands’ identities.

6. Promote the Guestographics

Your journey does not end once the guestography is completed. You must publicize the content as much as possible. You can advertise it on social media or through paid advertising on other sites or platforms. 

Aside from that, you might look for similar websites that offer various types of cooperation, such as promoting each other’s guestographic content. One of the benefits of guestography is that brands that are already guests in your content might share your other guestographics immediately.

The more diverse your guestography is, the better your SEO will be. You may also gain backlinks for your business website in the future with so many partnerships with other brands.

Anyway, that’s all there is to it when it comes to utilizing guestographics to improve your SEO. To be successful in doing so, you must first build relationships with other brands besides expanding your understanding of infographics. You need to remember that guestography is just one of several techniques available. Of course, you may generate traffic to your landing page using different digital marketing strategies.

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