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Crafting the Perfect Brand Name: A Step-by-Step Guide

Membuat nama brand

A vital step you must complete before beginning a business is developing a brand name. A strong brand name may introduce your company and pique the interest of potential customers. The name will make it easier for the audience to comprehend, recall, and set you apart from your rivals.

Regarding what can and cannot be done to establish a brand name, there are no strict guidelines. For instance, some companies, like Adidas, just use three unrelated letters and the founder’s nickname to create a memorable brand name.

Others, like Xerox, get their names from the technical term “xerography,” which refers to the dry copying method employed in photocopiers. But typically, A-creative builds a brand using the fundamental recommendations for naming a company found below.

Creating a Brand Name That is Easy to Recall and Pronounce

Have you ever seen an intriguing commercial but struggled to locate the product because you couldn’t recall its name? A difficult-to-remember name can be damaging because it makes the customer’s experience more difficult. Therefore, choose something simple to say and remember rather than a brand name derived from a particular complex etymology that is challenging to recall.

Creating a Brand Name That is Different

Consider this: How many pizza vendors are there globally? millions or even thousands. However, the name Domino is only used by one person. Only locally focused enterprises can benefit from developing a generic brand name; it is challenging to do so at the national level. So, come up with a distinctive name for your company that is different but still appropriate.

Membuat nama brand
Source: Pixabay

Creating a Brand Name to Pique Curiosity

People should be interested in the brand if the name is intriguing. For instance, you might be curious as to the origin of the name King Koil after learning that it refers to a brand of spring beds. Your interest is piqued by the name, leading you to want to know more about how the brand’s name relates to its products or how it came to be.

Creating a Brand Name That Makes Sense

You ought to pick a name for your brand that accurately describes your company when coming up with one. It need not be explicitly connected, but it must still make sense. For instance, the Greek goddess of triumph is Nike. Victory has a lot of business market applications for Nike.

Creating a Brand Name That is Flexible

You want to pick a brand name that can be modified to suit your company’s requirements. For instance, you might not want to give your restaurant a name that includes specific menu items if you want to operate a Chinese restaurant. You won’t have a lot of room to evolve and develop under that moniker if the trend for specialized menus fades, unless you are certain that this particular market is more than just a fad and you intend to lead this industry.

Creating a Brand Name to Elicit Emotions

An effective brand name can appeal to the emotional side of its target market. Customers’ feelings might be evoked by brands like Sharing Happiness, Merdeka, or Kitabisa as soon as they read the name of the company. This is consistent with the idea that emotions are elicited in customers.

Even though it is obvious that business strategy will have a significant impact on a company’s growth, coming up with an irrelevant, ugly, or overly complex brand name can impede your company’s expansion.

A brand name will be able to propel a business forward if it can convey the essence of the product, showcase a favorable image, and elicit strong emotional connections. For more intriguing material, visit a-creative.id or follow @acreative.id on Instagram.

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