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Effortless Methods for Tracking Website Visitors

cek pengunjung website

A website is a vital asset that contributes to the success of your business’s marketing. As a result, checking website visitors on a frequent basis is required to measure the success of a strategy and adapt it to reach the best outcomes.

There are several solutions available nowadays that can help you monitor visitors in real time. Not only can you check your own website visits, but certain solutions also allow you to spy on competitors’ visitors.

cek pengunjung website
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Methods for Tracking Website Visitors

A selection of tools for monitoring website traffic is provided below. This list was created using A-Creative‘s experience improving client websites.

Google Analytics to Track Website Visitors

As a website owner, you must be familiar with Google Analytics. This is the most widely used free website analysis tool, with practically every site using it.

Google’s tools are loaded with a variety of essential information that will help you assess, in addition to checking website visits. To use its free service, simply log in with a Google account and verify with a few simple steps. 


This tool is also commonly employed because of its high precision. Visit the Semrush website, type any website URL into the search box, and check who has visited that website. This tool will also provide you with information about keywords and their SERP ranks.

This information can be used to efficiently boost the number of visitors. Semrush’s free edition provides basic functions; however, the subscription version provides more extensive analysis, ranging from evaluating your own website traffic to other beneficial insights.

SE Ranking

Although SE Ranking is a new platform, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have something fascinating to offer. It is a one-stop, beginner-friendly tool. You can learn a lot of useful information about simple website marketing tactics.

One of the most useful features is the ability to display data up to the city level. You can enable the option to integrate Google Local page rankings with this functionality.


It is a popular all-in-one application for monitoring website traffic, SEO optimization, and content marketing, similar to Semrush. This application is popular because of its modern and user-friendly layout, which provides many simple insights.

This is one of the greatest visitor checking tools for obtaining information from search engines other than Google, such as Bing or Yahoo.

Terms to Know Before Examining Website Visitors

Before using the tools listed above, you need to familiarize yourself with several key terms. Some key terms to know while checking visitors and assessing websites are:

  • Visit: the total number of visits during a specific time period, which may include numerous visits from the same person
  • Unique visitors: the number of individual users who visit your website for an extended period of time
  • Page views: the number of times a given page on your website has been viewed
  • Traffic sources: information on where visitors came from, whether they typed your website’s URL into their browser, came from search engines, or came from somewhere else
  • Bounce rate: information on the percentage of website visitors who leave without taking any action

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These are a few different methods to track website visitors that make use of cutting-edge tools. To enhance the functionality of your website, you can select one of those tools or use them all. By following @acreative.id on Instagram, you can get additional fascinating stuff.

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