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Beginner’s Guide to Building a Free Website on Google

membuat website gratis di Google

A website is required for any business that wishes to promote its products or services. Businesses can reach a larger audience by having a website. A free Google website is an option worth exploring for small enterprises.

For individuals who are just starting off, Google Sites may be a good option. Although it is free, Google Sites can enhance engagement and drive sales if created appropriately. In this tutorial, we will go over how to set up a free website on this platform.

What exactly is Google Sites?

Google Sites is a platform for creating websites owned by Google. This platform makes it simple to create a free website. You can create a professional-looking website in minutes if you have an internet connection. Google Sites frees you from having to deal with all of the back-end concerns. This means that once you create content on Google Sites, it will be instantly posted to the website. You no longer need to be concerned about plugins, hacking, or keeping the site running smoothly.

Google Sites offers the following features:

  • Making a website from the ground up
  • Personalizing website themes and templates to your liking
  • You have the option of connecting to a professional or free domain
  • Integration with other Google products, such as Google Drive or Google Forms, is simple

Even though it is fairly simple, it is nevertheless recommended that you post excellent material on your Google Sites. This is something that A-Creative highlights in every digital marketing plan. Quality content will provide value to visitors, develop credibility, enhance conversions, and help you establish your brand voice.

membuat website gratis di Google
Source: Unsplash

How to Make a Free Site Using Google Sites

As previously said, creating a free website on Google through Google Sites may be accomplished in a few simple steps, which include:


Open the Google Sites website, which you can access via the Google Apps menu or by typing sites.google.com/new. Log in with your Google account or register to make a new account on the homepage.

Choose a Template

Google Sites has a number of themes that you can use to quickly and easily create a website. You can design everything from scratch using a blank template, or you can utilize one of the commonly used templates.

Make Adjustments

After selecting a template, the next step in creating a free Google website is to make changes. On the top bar, you can access many editing options as well as rapid navigation. Meanwhile, the sidebar can be used to personalize the look of your website.

Publish Your Website

After you’ve finished customizing and editing, press the “Publish” button. The Google Sites domain will be used to publish your website, for example, https://sites.google.com/businessname.

To make adjustments or use a custom domain, go to the “Settings” menu and pick the “Custom Domain” option, then make the necessary changes. Please keep in mind that a custom domain is a paid option that is dependent on the domain name you desire.

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For a beginner, Google Sites is an excellent platform for easily and economically integrating your business’s marketing content strategies. As a result, creating a free website on Google is an alternative to explore. Follow @acreative.id on Instagram to stay up-to-date on the evolution of digital marketing.

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