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5 Free Keyword Research Tools To Boost Visitor Numbers

tools riset keyword

One of the crucial aspects of SEO is conducting keyword research. The greatest way to constantly draw visitors is to acquire and use high-quality keywords. Using free keyword research tools is one approach to find high-quality keywords.

You may conduct keyword research more effectively using a number of free tools, which will boost the SEO of your website. The keyword research process can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating without the proper tools.

Why Is Researching Keywords Important?

To find the terms and phrases that the audience uses to look up items or things linked to them, keyword research is carried out. Additionally, it is done to research words based on how frequently they have been searched for over time. One of the pillars for creating effective content strategy is this knowledge.

Researching keywords should still be an element of a company’s marketing strategy. The explanation is that search engines like Google frequently update their algorithms, which affects the rankings of search results. So it’s crucial to constantly track these changes and optimize content.

tools riset keyword

Free Keyword Research Tools You Can Utilize

Many free keyword research tools are currently available to assist you in gathering the data required to create an SEO strategy. A-Creative typically employs some of the tools listed below during the preliminary stage of a keyword search.

1. Google Keyword Planner

You can use Google Keyword Planner as a starting point. This tool offers precise information to identify pertinent keywords. You need a Google Ads account in order to access Google Keyword Planner. You will be able to check the typical monthly searches for particular keywords as well as suggested similar phrases using this tool.

2. Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

This keyword research tool has constrained access because it is free. But the keyword information this tool provides is very precise. You can already do research for 10 queries per day using the Semrush Keyword Magic Tool’s free version, including domain and keyword analytic searches. With the help of the filtering mechanism provided by this tool, you may organize keywords into groups based on themes, search intent, inquiry types, and more.

3. Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

This tool, developed by Ahrefs, offers precise information based on the keywords and setting you choose. Using this tool will help you make better informed keyword usage decisions. This is so that Ahrefs Keyword Generator users may see the volume and difficulty of keywords for related search queries. 

4. WordStream Free Keyword Tool

You may also uncover new keywords or evaluate the effectiveness of current keywords using WordStream’s free keyword research tools. To deliver accurate ideas, these tools make advantage of the most recent Google search data. You will find hundreds of results for pertinent keywords along with some highly helpful extra information.

5. SpyFu

An additional tool you can use for keyword research is SpyFu. This tool is also excellent for researching the SEO tactics of your rivals. The free edition gives you access to a small amount of precise data, such as monthly search volume and suggestions for keywords that are comparable.

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There is really no excuse not to quickly improve your content strategy with the wide range of keyword research tools available. On Instagram, follow @acreative.id to find advice and other educational information about developing a website.

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