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How to Activate AdSense on YouTube Easily and Quickly

cara Aktifkan Adsense Youtube

YouTube AdSense is a platform that allows channel owners and content creators can make money from their channels. It operates as a legitimate advertising platform under the Google brand. To display advertising in content, you must first understand the prerequisites and how to activate AdSense on YouTube.

Fortunately, meeting the standards is not too difficult. So, if you believe you have a sufficient number of viewers and subscribers, the likelihood that your registration will be approved also rises.

Requirements for YouTube AdSense Registration

The YouTube Partner program must be joined in order to activate AdSense on YouTube. Make sure you meet the prerequisites before submitting an application for registration. These prerequisites consist of:

  • Living in a nation where the program is offered. One of the nations included in the YouTube Partner program is Indonesia.
  • In the last 12 months, your channel must have received more than 4,000 legitimate public view hours.
  • More than 1,000 subscribers are required.
  • Join your channel to your Google AdSense account.

By selecting the monetization option in YouTube Studio, you can see if your channel complies with the standards. If you are eligible, you can begin the registration procedure right away from that page.

You will see a notification option, though, that offers notifications through email after you satisfy the requirements if your channel doesn’t. If you meet the qualifications, you can begin the YouTube Partner Program registration process right there.

How to Create a Google AdSense YouTube Account

To activate AdSense on YouTube after meeting the aforementioned prerequisites, the next step is to create a Google AdSense account and link it to the channel that will be registered. You just need to enter basic information and sign in with your Google account.

Although they are both part of Google, it is important to understand that you cannot link your Google Ads account to your channel. Google AdSense is a platform for publishers or content providers, whereas Google Ads is a platform specifically for marketers.

Cara Aktifkan AdSense YouTube

How to Activate AdSense on YouTube

You are now prepared to activate AdSense on YouTube by clicking the “Apply Now” option after creating an AdSense account. The next step is to connect your newly created AdSense account to the YouTube channel you wish to monetize.

After you complete your profile’s fields, AdSense will take you back to your YouTube account. If it links successfully, you’ll get a notification letting you know that your account is being looked at. Typically, this process takes two days to two weeks.

Why was the YouTube AdSense Activation Rejected?

You can apply to join the YouTube Partners once your channel satisfies all the conditions by turning on AdSense for YouTube. This does not, however, ensure that your channel will be approved.

Google will examine your published content during the approval process to see if it can be made money from. Simply expressed, this indicates that all audiences may view your material because it is unique.

The “reuse of content” or the use of recycled content is a frequent justification for AdSense activation rejection for YouTube. The usage of original content in every post, whether on YouTube, social media, or other platforms, is therefore generally advised by A-Creative.

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You can start applying for your channel now that you know how to activate AdSense on YouTube. By following @acreative.id on Instagram, you can stay current with the online world.

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