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Crucial Knowledge on Different Types of Domains

jenis - jenis domain

A domain name should be able to convey the brand for business-related purposes and make it simple for customers, clients, or other types of visitors to access your website. However, you must first comprehend the various domain types before selecting the appropriate domain name.

The information you need to know about domain types will be covered in this article, along with a brief description of how they operate.

What Exactly Is a Domain?

The URL (uniform resource locator) or website address is known as a domain. The domain name follows http:// or www. in a URL or follows the @ sign in an email address.

Like an address on a building, a legitimate domain name serves a purpose. You are directing the computer to a certain location on the internet when you type the domain name into a browser.

How Does a Domain Work?

Your device will make a request to the global Domain Name System (DNS) network when you type a URL into your browser. The network will then transport your device to the target website after identifying the special IP address connected to the domain name you supplied. As a result, each website’s domain has a specific nature, therefore no two websites can share the same domain name.

jenis - jenis domain

Types of Domains on the Internet

There are currently about 350 million domain names registered worldwide, and this figure is anticipated to rise. But no two domain names are the same. The most typical domain types are shown below:

Top Level Domain (TLD)

The top level domain, or TLD, is the most granular domain in the DNS hierarchy. The.com TLD became the norm when the internet initially came up. However, as the need increased, more choices were made available, such as:

  • GTLD

The generic top level domain, or GTLD. This is the most typical kind of domain, like .com, .net, or .org.

  • PTLD

The term “PTLD” or “premium top level domain” refers to a domain name that describes a website’s specifications. For instance, .web, .host, and more.


Country code top level domains are domain names connected to particular places in the world. There are 255 country code top level domains active right now. For instance, as an Indonesian company, A-Creative uses .id rather than .com.

Second Level Domain (SLD)

Before the top-level domain, there is a special text sequence called SLD. For instance, our top-level domain is.id, and our second-level domain is A-Creative. SLD incorporates extra characters in addition to letters.

Third Level Domain

Another name for this domain is a subdomain. It follows SLD in the domain name hierarchy. There are numerous subdomains based on the demands of the website owner, with www being the most popular.

Perhaps you’ve encountered websites with domains like blog.website.com or shop.website.com. The terms “blog” and “shop” are subdomains that function independently of the primary domain. This division of the entities is done to meet particular requirements.

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You may now start choosing a domain name for your company once you have a better understanding of the different domain types. Make sure the domain name you select is still available, memorable, and associated with your business or product. For a variety of intriguing updates regarding the digital world, follow @acreative.id on Instagram.

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