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How A Good Bounce Rate is Important to Your Website

bounce rate yang bagus

A website’s performance can be determined in large part by its bounce rate. Despite having a lot of visitors, you could have seen a low conversion rate on a website. The person leaving the website without taking any action is one factor.

The Bounce Rate measures user behavior. On the Google Analytics report, you can view the website’s bounce rate. See a description of the indicators below in order to accurately interpret the bounce rate and then optimize it.

What is the Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is the proportion of visitors who land on a page but quickly exit without taking any further action. For each page as well as across the entire website, the ratio is calculated.

A website’s bounce rate is determined by dividing the total number of visitors that arrive at the site but leave without viewing any additional pages by the total number of visits.

An Effective Bounce Rate Indicator

Although 45% is the recommended average bounce rate, each type of website has a different typical bounce rate. Depending on the type of website, the following bounce rate is considered to be good:

  • 40-60% for websites with information content
  • 30-50% for websites leads generating
  • 70-98% for blogs
  • 20-40% for online stores
  • 10-30% for service websites
  • 70-90% for landing pages

Why the Bounce Rate is Important

The bounce rate is crucial since it might indicate whether the information on your website is confusing or perhaps irrelevant to visitors. For instance, a high bounce rate on your home page may indicate that visitors simply see the page before leaving without taking any further action.

This information enables you to take action that will immediately drive consumers away from your website or page. The performance of your website will gradually improve as a result of your growing comprehension of the needs of users.

bounce rate yang bagus
Source: Pixabay

Reasons for High Bounce Rate

Some of the typical reasons for your website’s high bounce rate are listed below. A-Creative often conducts in-depth examination of the following elements to obtain a good bounce rate.

False Click

This typically occurs when users unintentionally click on a link to your website found in search results, adverts, emails, and other places. They would quickly return as soon as they admitted their error. You can’t really do anything with this. You will never have a flawless bounce rate because of this.

Content Falls Short Of Expectations

This happens frequently because of the mismatch between your offerings and visitors’ expectations. For instance, visitors would abandon your landing page right away if you advertise a 50% discount but they can’t see it there.

You may correct this to have a nice bounce rate. Make sure all of your sites provide the information that visitors are seeking, including any advertising that corresponds to the offer on the landing page.

Page Speed

The immediate abandonment of your website by users is another factor. The page speed must therefore always be checked. According to a Microsoft trial, even a small boost in page speed can result in increased engagement and conversion rates.

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So, there you have it: a grasp of the issue, an indicator, and a solution for how to have a good bounce rate. For more intriguing Instagram content, follow @acreative.id.

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