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Carousel Content: Definition, Type, and Benefits

konten carousel adalah

A sort of material called a carousel can boost interaction on social media, particularly Instagram. You may post a lot of images using this kind of content. This is ideal if you want to showcase a product or impart useful information to your audience.

Instagram itself offers up to ten slides, giving you plenty of room to express your creativity. This kind of post is frequently used by A-Creative to increase audience interaction on a company Instagram account.

What is Carousel Content?

One sort of content is a carousel, which displays multiple images to the audience in one article. The audience must move around to see the entire image in this post because it is interactive.

Videos may also be posted as Carousel Instagram content in addition to images, however they must be in MP4 format and not exceed 4 GB in size. You must compress your video if it exceeds that size in order to keep it as small as possible.

The ideal length for a carousel movie is 60 seconds, which is the maximum time allowed. Whereas images with a maximum size of 30 MB in JPEG or PNG format can be uploaded to Instagram as carousel material.

This could be a clever method to use several images to convey a lot of information to the viewer. However, if you utilize a personal account, this could be a single shipment of a small photo collection.

konten carousel adalah

Types of Carousels

Not all forms of content are appropriate for posting via a carousel. The content kinds listed below are appropriate for you to turn into eye-catching carousel slides.


You can use this kind of carousel content to present product information in a visual way. You can include components like illustration, images, text, and others to make your presentation more fascinating and simple for the audience to understand.


You can highlight the things you sell by using carousel content, a sort of content that enables you to upload numerous photographs in a single post. You can provide a sizable product image that includes a variety of details and appealing design elements.


You can use the carousel content to develop testimonial content. You can publish a range of consumer testimonials, from uplifting to humorous. However, the Carousel feature is ideal for publishing the kind of before-and-after content if you sell beauty products.

Photo Dump

One trendy form of content is this. A photo dump is a collection of unrelated photos that have not been edited or given any attention to aesthetics. Here, by publishing pictures of the pointless scene, you can enlighten the public in a novel way.

What Advantages Do Carousel Contents Offer?

Increased engagement is one of the advantages of carousel content, as was already mentioned at the outset. Users spend more time viewing this form of interactive material than they would with a regular post, which is the reason.

Because of this, the Instagram algorithm interprets your post as being of high quality. More users will be informed to view your posts in their feeds as a result.

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You are aware that you need to utilize carousel content to boost your social media engagement, of course. Hence, the time is right to come up with a theme and produce your own carousel material. Follow @acreative.id on Instagram to see more intriguing posts.

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