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Google Search Console Functions You Must Know

fungsi Google Search Console

You’ve probably heard about Google Search Console if you own a website. Yet, it’s possible that you are unaware of the full scope of Google Search Console’s capabilities. You can get the information you need for the creation of your website with the help of this free application.

We’ll go through some of Google Search Console’s features in this article. This explanation will improve your knowledge of these free tools and your ability to use them on your website.

Google Search Console: What is it?

Using the free Google Search Console service, you can monitor website traffic, check the effectiveness of your target keywords, solve issues, and much more. The tools provide you with information and recommendations regarding how your website is doing in organic search.

You can find possibilities to boost SERPs, enhance website performance, and find out how people find your website by using the data supplied by Search Console.

Fungsi Google Search Console
Source: Pixabay

Google Search Console Functions

Having read the preceding description, you undoubtedly have a better understanding of Search Console. While optimizing a website, A-Creative typically combines the following Google Search Console features.

Browsing Analytics Report

The search analysis report in Search Console offers numerous significant, in-depth insights regarding how your website is doing on Google search results pages. To access it, pick “Search Analytics” from the list of options under “Search Traffic” on the left side of Search Console.

HTML Improvement Resources

HTML improvement is the following feature of Google Search Console. This feature highlights issues with your website from the perspective of search engines and offers recommendations for how to address them. For a list of HTML issues on your website, select “HTML Improvements” from the “Search Appearance” option.

Removing URLs From Google Search Results

You can use this tool to temporarily remove specific URLs from Google search results. This can be helpful for obscuring information that might be inaccurate or even out of date. Enter the “relative path” to the file, page, or directory you want to erase after clicking “Temporarily Hide.”

Check Index Status

Checking the status of indexes is another feature of Google Search Console. You may check to see if your website has been indexed as well as how many sites robots.txt has banned or even excluded from Google’s index. To see how your website is doing, you should check this frequently.

Sending Sitemaps

The quickest approach to index pages is to provide a sitemap. Also, a decent sitemap makes it simpler for Google to index your website. A sitemap’s priority level setting can assist Googlebot in choosing which pages to crawl first.

Structuring Data

Well-structured data enables Google to comprehend the content that you display on a website better. Google Structured Data Markup Helper can be used to prepare structured data. To guarantee proper labeling, periodically check structured data. This is crucial when using a WordPress plugin that creates Schema markup automatically.

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You can use Google Search Console’s many features to enhance your website’s performance in Google search results by becoming familiar with them. To achieve the best results, mix it with a variety of additional tools. By visiting @acreative.id on Instagram, you may stay up to date with advancements in the field of digital marketing.

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