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How to Schedule Instagram Posts without Hassle!

cara menjadwalkan postingan Instagram

Learning how to schedule Instagram posts is essential because consistency in social media can be maintained by posting on a regular basis. It also lets your followers know when to expect new posts from your social media.

Aside from saving time, scheduling posts allows you to focus on creating fascinating contents rather than worrying about missing an upload. Let’s have a look at how to schedule Instagram posts in easy and practical methods in this article.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Instagram allows you to plan a variety of posts, namely;

  • Instagram feeds
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram carousels
  • IGTV videos

You can utilize both Hootsuite and Creator Studio to schedule these posts.

Scheduling Instagram Posts with Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a free dashboard or tool for Instagram and Facebook business accounts or content creators. It can be used to manage your Facebook or Instagram pages and accounts.

This online tool also offers social media analytics and community management in addition to post scheduling. Creator Studio can even assist in the monetization of contents for qualifying accounts.

It’s simple to schedule Instagram posts with Creator Studio, as follows;

  1. Connect to Instagram in Creator Studio
  2. Click on the Instagram section
  3. Click Create Post
  4. Click Instagram feed
  5. If you have more than one Instagram account connected, select the account you want to post to
  6. Add a caption and add a location (optional)
  7. Click Add content to choose the photos or videos you’d like to post
  8. Click the arrow next to Publish
  9. Select Schedule
  10. Choose the date and time at which you want your content to post on your Instagram feed
  11. Click Schedule

Currently, you can use Creator Studio to post feeds, carousels, and IGTV. On the other hand, you cannot create and schedule Instagram stories with this tool.

Scheduling Instagram Posts with Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great tool for scheduling your Instagram posts. This function is only available to business or creator accounts.

First and foremost, you must sign up to Hootsuite here. After that, you only need to follow these steps;

  1. From the Hootsuite dashboard, click your profile icon in the bottom left corner
  2. Click Social Networks and Teams
  3. Click + Private Network in the bottom-left corner
  4. Choose Instagram from the list of networks, and then click Connect with Instagram
  5. Input your account credentials

After that, you can start using Hootsuite to schedule Instagram posts.

  1. On the Control Panel, select Post from the Create Post menu
  2. Choose an Instagram account
  3. Upload the content you want, either image or video
  4. If necessary, you can click Edit Image
  5. Add a caption, hashtags, tags, and a location to your feed. On the right bar, you can see the post overview
  6. To schedule your feed, go to the bottom right and click Schedule
  7. Choose a date and time that is convenient for you

You can use Hootsuite to create and schedule Instagram feeds, stories, and carousels. Unfortunately, Hootsuite still does not support IGTV.

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