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How to Promote Landing Pages Using Email Marketing


Using email marketing to promote a brand is certainly a great strategy. Promotional emails no longer employ the old practice of just inserting content in the body of the email as technology advances, but instead take advantage of landing pages.

This strategy gives you the opportunity to direct your target audience to take action in accordance with the campaign’s goals. The utilization of landing pages in email marketing has a significant impact on the decisions that customers make afterwards.

Businesses that employ specialized email marketing promotions can raise their earnings by up to 760 percent, according to Campaign Monitor data. Creating an email marketing landing page, on the other hand, is not as simple as sending an email with a product catalog or photographs from your company’s campaign. 

The content must be highly transformed in order to elicit the reader’s emotions and attention. Thrive Agency provides step-by-step instructions on how to use landing pages in email marketing to boost conversions. We’ve summed everything up for you below.

1. Use a Straightforward Title and Subject

Of course, the first step is to make the subject of the email and the content title interesting. In reality, many consumers choose to ignore or even delete promotional emails from a brand.

If customers don’t check their emails, no matter how amazing the landing page content is, it’s all for naught. Creating a title and subject that inspires them to open their email is, of course, the first thing to pay attention to.

Make an effort to employ terms that will appeal to the reader’s emotions. Additionally, to improve the number of readers of your business email marketing, try utilizing a bold and bold title and subject.

2. Make It as Simple as Possible

Email marketing content should be as straightforward as possible, with a single goal in mind. This means that the information offered must be simple, concise, and to the point. When readers open their emails, they expect concise information rather than a lot of explanation that will confuse them.

If you want to promote various products or campaigns via an email, it’s ideal to break them up into distinct messages. Don’t risk losing your audience’s attention because the content of your business email is unclear. Short videos can also be used as content in email marketing. Video contents have been shown to draw in more readers.

3. Utilize Call-To-Action

The Call-to-Action technique is a method of persuading your target audience to take more action regarding the campaign you’re promoting. When it comes to selling products, this strategy is akin to hard-selling.

You should insert CTA on your email marketing. There’s no need to use flowery language or soft-sell tactics. It is preferable to state explicitly what you want customers to do in the email’s content.

One of the CTA’s aims is to make the readers feel compelled to take action. This can take the form of offering discounts or limiting the number of seats available at an event. “Buy Now,” “Contact Us,” or “Subscribe Immediately!” are examples of appropriate CTA phrases.

4. Design a Consistent Template

In email marketing, a landing page is a miniature version of your company’s branding strategies. Thus, your promotional emails need to have a design and visuals that are in line with the brand you’ve established.

It is critical to choose an appealing and consistent design. But be careful not to go overboard. Excessive design will make the content more ambiguous. The audience’s attention will be drawn to the visuals rather than the message you’re trying to deliver.

5. Create Content For Mobile

The majority of individuals nowadays use their cell phones to check their emails. As a result, it’s critical to design content that can be viewed clearly on a variety of mobile devices.

Monitoring the compatibility of the content on each device should also be part of your conversion optimization process. There will be some content that does not meet its full potential if the content of your promotional email is not designed with these mobile UI in mind.

This may cause the reader to lose interest in the offer you’re making. Furthermore, the message you intend to deliver may not be effectively digested.

6. Define Target Audience Segmentation

Even if you have a vast mailing list, you don’t have to send promotional emails to every single one of them. The campaigns you launch might not appeal to all audiences.

Create a segmentation of the target audience for this. Determine which customers are most likely to read your brand’s email marketing. Sort them into groups and send relevant campaign emails accordingly.

You must conduct thorough market research in order to identify a specific target audience. The more you know about audience demographics, the easier it will be to communicate your message.

7. Make Campaigns More Personal

Creating tailored content will draw your audience’s attention. You can insert their name in the opening of your email instead of a generic greeting like “Dear customer.”

However, creating a personalized email entails more than that. You also need to provide valuable content that is relevant to their interests. Personal tactics like this have been shown to increase conversions by 202 percent, according to HubSpot research.

8. Insert Proof of Testimonials

Reviews from returning customers for your business can help you gain the trust of potential customers. This method can also be used to create landing pages for email marketing campaigns.

You can put several reviews on the main website if including testimonials will make the email body too long. Send them to the company’s website via an embedded link, so they can read the testimonial when they get there.

9. Prioritize Approval From Audience

It is critical that you obtain approval from the email recipient beforehand. When customers access your website and indicate their consent to receive promotional emails, you can include them in your email marketing.

If they mistakenly become recipients of your email, you must take further precautions. Because they might flag your content as spam, which could jeopardize your company’s digital accountability.

10. Take Advantage of Web Analytics

Steps for increasing conversions include the monitoring of your email marketing success. You can learn to develop even better content by understanding your campaign’s results and analytics.

You can get this information from a variety of content performance data analysis sites. Google Analytics is a popular choice. You can access various data about ads and content performance on the site. Starting with the quantity of visitors, their interest trend, and the performance throughout a period of time.

These are 10 strategies to utilize landing pages in email marketing to boost your conversion rates. Of course, increasing promotional content across numerous platforms will aid in the expansion of your business.

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