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How to Format Your Landing Page to Increase Sales


Landing pages are one way for increasing conversion or sales in a digital marketing strategy. A solid landing page format will make it easier for your potential clients to understand information regarding your services or products.

A decent landing page can help your company convert more customers. Landing pages can be utilized for a variety of goals, including promotional information, events, product launches, account registration, email subscriptions, and download services.

In this article, we’ll focus on landing page sections that are designed to improve product sales. So, how should a website’s landing page be formatted to do just that? Read this article all the way through!


Headlines are the first section for a website’s landing page. They are the first thing your audience sees. As a result, it’s critical to come up with an engaging headline that will entice your target audience to read the rest of your landing page.

When creating a headline that will promote sales for your landing page, you should consider your target audience’s perspectives. You must understand what they are searching for in terms of answers for their problems. You can emphasize your product’s benefits by using clear, concise, easy-to-understand, and on-target words.


The presence of subheadlines is not absolutely necessary, but it still is rather beneficial. Their purpose is to emphasize and clarify your headline. Before the reader goes into the body text of your landing page as a whole, subheadlines can provide an overview.


To make the contents of your landing page more attractive and less dull, it is necessary to embed a few relevant images or videos. These media must be pertinent and capable of representing the contents you wish to publish.


The contents of your landing page should not be overly extensive or verbose. You should make concise and informative sentences. Furthermore, the landing page’s contents must be effortless to comprehend for your target audience. If you want to improve sales, you should focus on giving more details of your product or service and enticing your target customers to buy it the moment they finish reading your landing page.

Compile the contents for your website’s landing page that will pique the interest of potential customers. For example, limited-time offers, cheaper bundle packages, and favorable customer evaluations, among other things.

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) phrase or sentence is the next section in constructing your website’s landing page that should not be overlooked. What is the significance of this? The purpose of a CTA is to boost conversions. Although, you should always make a CTA that isn’t too conventional. A button that says “Purchase!” or “Pay!” may not be very appealing.

Beberapa alternatif kalimat CTA yang dapat digunakan untuk penjualan di antaranya:

The following are some examples of possible CTA phares to boost your sales:

  • Today only, get a great deal!
  • Bundle packages to save even more!
  • Free service trial!
  • Guaranteed money back!

Yes, those are some CTAs that hopefully grow your business. But let’s get back to the goal of your landing page. When selecting a CTA, you must persuade your target consumer as to why they should click a certain button, what benefit they will get, where they will be taken, and so on.

Read also: 5+ Cara Membuat Landing Page Tampil OptimalAre you prepared to build a website’s landing page in order to boost your sales? You must conduct thorough market research before creating a suitable and informative landing page format for your target audience.

If you need help designing an effective landing page to boost sales, you should hire a digital marketing agency. A-Creative offers a variety of services to help you improve your digital marketing strategy and expand your business!

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