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How to Create an Informative About Us Page


Every website, especially a business website, should have an about us page. This page should provide visitors with an overview of the business. This can boost visitors’ trust in a website’s credibility. As a key purpose for visitors to recognize the website, designing an about us page on the website must be done properly.

It is not difficult to create an excellent and interesting about us page for your website visitors. You may make things easier by following the steps below.

1. Determine the Contents of the About Us Page

The first step in creating an about us page on your website is to determine what information you believe website visitors require.

On the website’s about us page, you’ll need the following information;

  • Company profile; includes information such as the company’s identity, history, values, vision and mission, as well as the team, main goals, product/service overview, and so on.
  • Company supporting information; for example, achievements, awards, work atmosphere, expertise, service assurances, and so on.
  • Other related company units; if any.
  • Unique tagline or jargon.

Of course, not all information about your business needs to be included on your website’s about us page. You only need to choose the one that best symbolizes and shows the advantages of your business to draw the audience’s attention.

2. Choose the Right Language Style

One technique to develop about us on your website is to determine the language style. This way, your content may reach the target audience efficiently. You must first determine who your target audience is and what your company’s attributes are before deciding on the language style.

You may more readily present your business in a relevant manner if you use the proper language style. For example, if your target audience is millennials, you can use language that is not overly professional but nevertheless informative.

3. Utilize Interesting Opening Sentences

If your about us page always begins with “Our firm is…”, you should try something different. If necessary, you might need to put a headline at the top of your about us page to draw visitors’ attention. Questions, convincing words, or your company’s motto can all be utilized as headlines.

4. Put More than Text

We recognize the importance of engaging and helpful website contents. Similarly, the information on your about us page should be made intriguing. The about us page, which is mainly text, might appear to be tedious to read. You should combine textual contents with visual ones.

You need to choose visuals that support the information on the about us page, such as photos, infographics, illustrations, or videos. You may, for example, include a behind-the-scenes video of your business. You can also add fascinating illustrations that reflect the information on the page, such as photos of your team members.

5. Don’t Forget Contact Info

Your about us page should include more than just information about your company. You should remember to include one key piece of information for customers; contact information. Customer trust is boosted by knowing the company’s contact information. You need to add contact information such as an address, phone number, email, and social media links on your about us page.

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The key is that you know your business well enough to identify its values and strengths. Thus, you can effectively present critical information that your target audience requires.

You can hire a professional copywriter or content writer if you’re having trouble creating a good and informative about us page. A-Creative has a team of writers who have experience with various writings, including an about us page for a website. Contact A-Creative today to discuss your company’s digital marketing plan!

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