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Choosing a Quality Article Writer? Here’s How!

penulis artikel berkualitas

The high cost of an article writer’s services does not always imply that the writer is also confident with the quality of his or her work. You undoubtedly already know that high pricing isn’t the only factor that determines the quality of a service. In truth, the exorbitant price is owing to the high operational costs, not because of an excellent quality. So, if price isn’t a good indicator of quality, what is?

1. Look Objectively

The most effective approach to make you believe in anything is to see it for yourself. So, take a look at the results of the article writing services you’ve chosen. They should present an easy-to-download portfolio without the requirement of your email address or cell number. Of course, you still need to be cautious of unsolicited mailing lists.

After looking through the portfolio, you will be better informed which articles match your preferences. Words are works of art. And, each art enthusiast has their own preferences. As a result, be sure that each article on the portfolio is to your liking.

2. Understand the Rules of Language

It’s not enough to be talented in the arts. Art can be abstract, but do you consider yourself an expert on abstract writing? Obviously not. You can become irritated by jumbled writing, unfinished sentences, too many spelling errors, or incorrect punctuation placement. We want to read something that has a compelling plot, flows smoothly, and ends nicely. Isn’t that correct?

So, after you’re interested in the quality of the art presented by your potential writer, check to see if they’re following the rules when writing. You don’t need to be a grammatical expert or a stickler for rules. Just look at how they write using commas. Then, see how effectively they place the paragraphs in the correct order.

3. Play with Emotions

penulis artikel diskusi ide

Do your potential article writers have a good understanding of how you’re feeling right now? Or do they have the ability to make you feel the emotions they create through their writing? If that’s the case, hire them right away. Isn’t it wonderful to be side by side with a really understanding partner?

“I don’t order fiction,” you might say. Why would you want to order a piece of writing that is emotionally draining?” Is it necessary to write a romance-filled novel in order to increase the psychological closeness between the customer and the product if you purchase a piece of writing to attract customers?

Ignore the previous paragraph. It appears to be an improper parable. However, I believe it is proper for me to bring up the subject. Because writings that compel readers to engage in mental gymnastics aren’t merely fiction. Copywriting is one of the types of writing that must appeal to the reader’s emotions. If it’s boring, don’t waste your money on that frivolous writing.

Is it necessary for SEO articles to play with emotions as well? Feel free to produce an emotionless essay if you want your website visitors to stay on your site for no more than 8 seconds. Your content might be found on the first page. However, if the opening phrase is uninteresting, your visitors will flee as quickly as possible. 

4. Able to Edit Writings

penulis artikel mengedit tulisan

There is no such thing as a flawlessly written article. When the words are linked together for the first time, errors are widely dispersed. The ability to revise one’s own writing is a sign of a good article writer. That is, they understand where they went wrong. So, if you come across a writer who can’t figure out where they went wrong, tell them to go away!

Good writing is generally aided by patient editors who toil away behind the scenes. For example, double spaces are not noticeable. However, this would easily irritate an astute editor. A writer might be too impatient to finish an article. As a result, you must ensure that your potential article writer is also a nagging editor.

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