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How Does A Copywriter Differ from A Writer?


If you are interested to get into copywriting, you should first understand its definition and job descriptions. In general, a copywriter is a profession of great importance in the advertising industry. In this era of digital marketing, this profession keeps getting more and more popular and sought after by numerous businesses and companies. 

Then, what is the definition of a copywriter and what sets it apart from other writing professions such as novelist, journalist or content writer? Let’s find out below! 

Definition of A Copywriter

According to Indeed, the definition of a copywriter is an individual who is responsible for producing attractive and clear texts for various advertising channels, such as websites, promotional videos, catalogs or print advertisements. 

A copywriter’s duties include researching keywords, producing attractive written contents and proofreading texts to achieve marketing results with the appropriate accuracy and quality. 

Basically, a copywriter is a writer who focuses on producing text materials for advertising channels that aim to market and sell products. However, you might still be confused what sets a copywriter apart from a content writer who usually works in the same industry. 

Differences between A Copywriter and Other Writing Professions 

You have read about the definition of a copywriter above. Now, here are the specific differences that sets it apart from other writing professions. 

A Copywriter Aims to Sell 

There is a reason that a copywriter is also called a marketing writer. A copywriter must be able to sell a product to its target audience or website visitors through marketing materials produced.

A copywriter can adapt writings to any form of marketing communication media they choose. Whether it is posters, social media posts, email marketing, or many more. Each one of them will require materials such as texts, sentences and themes that can evoke the targets’ needs to buy the advertised product. 

Copywriting is the skill to sell utilizing texts with the aim of persuading readers. On the other hand, content writing is the skill with the aim of informing, entertaining, educating or instructing readers. 

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A Copywriter Produces Short and Effective Writings 

In contrast to a content writer who can write up to thousands of words, a copywriter only writes short sentences. For example, several forms of marketing media that are usually handled by a copywriter are:

  • Both online and offline advertising 
  • Website contents, including website landing pages 
  • Social media contents 
  • Email marketing 
  • Promotional scripts and commercial ads 
  • Video scripts 
  • Catalogs 
  • Billboards 
  • Sales letters 
  • Jingle song lyrics 

3. A Copywriter Creates a Sense of Urgency

One of the job descriptions of a copywriter is to persuade an individual to take a specific action. For instance, downloading a file, subscribing to a newsletter, or purchasing a product offered. 

Thus, a copywriter must be able to produce a content or copy that creates a sense of urgency from the target audience. Not only website visitors get information on why they should choose your product to buy, but also give reasons why they need to do just that as soon as possible. 

Whereas, it is a content writer’s job to build audience engagement and gain their trust. This positions brands as reliable sources of information. A content writer doesn’t have to push the target to buy a product at the moment, but instead, aims to build and maintain a relationship with consumers in the long term. 

4. A Copywriter Converts Traffic into Prospects 

One more important duty of a copywriter is to be able to convert traffic into prospects. A content writer is responsible to increase the organic traffic of a website. Afterwards, a copywriter is in charge of converting the visitors into sales or leads. This is the key role of a copywriter in digital marketing. 

That is the definition of a copywriter and its differences with other writers. Given the importance of copywriting in generating sales, it would be best if this strategy is handled professionally. A-Creative is a digital marketing agency that provides services for various marketing needs and strategies. At an affordable cost, A-Creative provides professional copywriting services with satisfying results.

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